Art, a bridge of friendship between Cuba and the United States

Art, that human activity through which ideas, emotions or a particular vision

Students from this school offered a small show to the visitors

of the world are expressed, can also serve as a bridge of understanding between different nations. That’s why, a 32-member-group from the United States, in coordination with the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, arrived in Cienfuegos with the interest of approaching the cultural universe of the Island and its inhabitant’s daily life.

Members of the Smithonian Journeys, the educational tour program of the Smithsonian Institution in the State of Washington, the American visitors meet an intense program in Cuba.

During their stay in Cienfuegos, they visited the School of Arts Benny Moré in order to know details of the teaching activities in that centre where different disciplines such as Music, Dance and Visual Arts are taught. They also knew about the development of art manifestations in Cuba after the triumph of the Revolution. Students from this school offered a small show to the visitors.

Al Schlachtmeyer, one of the Smithonian Journeys members, said to the local press that the visit to the Island had enabled him to know many things about it. “One is the warmth and the sensibility of the Cuban people to each other and to their guests. It’s been a warm and wonderful experience. I have enjoyed that and also the concentration, the sense of accomplishment that people here seem to have”, he commented.

As he pointed out, cultural exchanges like this one are fruitful for citizens of both countries. “We have a lot in common and a lot to gain from cooperation and collaboration”, he asserted.

Smithsonian Journeys was founded in 1970. Journeys are designed to provide travellers with a deeper understanding of the people, history, and cultures they will experience during their tour.







Author: rincondeyudith72

Periodista y traductora de la Editora Cinco de Septiembre, de la ciudad de Cienfuegos, Cuba. Jurnalist and Translator in Cinco de Septiembre, local newspaper of the city of Cienfuegos, Cuba.

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