American photographers visit Cienfuegos

By Yudith Madrazo Sosa

Encouraged by the desire to have a closer approach to Cuban

The American photographers meet with Cuban people in Cienfuegos
The American photographers meet with Cuban people in Cienfuegos

daily life, USA citizens usually go beyond the hindrances raised by the Blockade imposed to the Island by their government in order to come to this nation. With such desire, a group of 17 photographers mainly from Rhode Island arrived in Cienfuegos, where they accomplished a fruitful program of activities.
The visitors were especially grateful for the warm welcome they received in the neighborhood of the Agriculture and Livestock Production Cooperative Mártires de Barbados, where they had the opportunity to have a cultural exchange with the people.

They all gathered in one of the Committees on the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and therefore could get acquainted with the goals and missions of this unique organization. The meeting also granted them the chance to taste Cuban food and drinks.
Eileen Muldoon expressed her thankfulness for the warm welcome on the Cienfuegos people’s part as she pointed out her hope for a soon end of the embargo and the establishment of a friendly relationship among the two nations.
“This is the first time I visit the Island and I’ve found it fabulous. I think the best part is the people, they’ve been so generous and nice to us. I think we all feel very strong about improving our relationship with Cuba and one of the actions we can carry out is to send letters to the Congress to make them understand the necessity to put an end to the embargo. We also suffer from its effects since we are not allowed to come to this country”, Muldoon said.
According to Cindy Wilson, Cuba is a very beautiful country with a beautiful future. “We have loved to see your culture. What people know come 75 percent from pictures so we can show up pictures and let people in the USA know and understand about Cuban real life”, she said.
As they pointed out, they feel sympathetic to the cause of the Cuban Five and hope one day justice is made in their case.
The program carried out by the American photographers in Cienfuegos included a visit to a communitarian artistic project as well as a meeting with Cienfuegos colleagues.


Author: rincondeyudith72

Periodista y traductora de la Editora Cinco de Septiembre, de la ciudad de Cienfuegos, Cuba. Jurnalist and Translator in Cinco de Septiembre, local newspaper of the city of Cienfuegos, Cuba.

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